Decrypting the Directive

In the European Union, the mobilisation for the environment take the form of concrete action plans like the 2020 climate and energy package decided in 2008.

In this context, two European Directives have

been issued relating to hot water and heating appliances.

The Ecodesign Directive

The European Ecodesign Directive applies throughout the European Economic Area to hot water and heating appliances.

It lays down minimum standards for energy efficiency and maximum levels for harmful emissions and noise, which will lead to the gradual elimination from the market of products providing a seasonal efficiency of less than 86%.

Through Ecodesign, you can count on high-performance appliances, providing better efficiency, which are more environmentally friendly and provide you with significant savings.

Appliances concerned

They can be installed in a new or renovated house or apartment building.

  • Generators with a power of less than 400 kW and water heaters and storage tanks with a capacity of less than 2000 liters are covered.
  • This includes heat pumps, micro-CHP boilers, boilers, electric storage water heaters, instantaneous electric, thermodynamic or solar heaters, storage tanks and control systems.


The Ecodesign Directive applies from September 26th 2015.

  • But first, on August 1st 2015, the Energy Efficiency Index for class A circulation pumps has to be reduced from 0.23 to 0.27 to provide still more savings and efficiency.
  • Any products not complying with the Directive may still be marketed but only by fitters and distributors whereas manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell these products.

The Energy label

From September 26th 2015 onwards, energy labels apply on hot water and heating appliances.

These labels will allow you to make an informed choice of a product, on the basis of all the objective information required.

The symbols on an energy label specifically indicate:

  • the manufacturer's name, De Dietrich for example,
  • the product's energy efficiency, the highest efficiency being A+++,
  • the sound level,
  • whether the product is used for heating or hot water, or both,
  • etc.

With the ennergy labels, heating and hot water appliances willl no longer hold any secret for you.